Atlantic – a neighborhood eatery

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Savannah, GA

Atlantic is a laid-back neighborhood eatery serving heart and soul sustenance, exquisite wines, refreshing cocktails and carefully-picked beers. Reviving an old filling station, Atlantic and its team strive to provide a warm and lively atmosphere for our guests by paying attention to detail and giving reverence to family, hospitality, and quality.

The Atlantic Refining Company service station at 102 East Victory Drive opened in 1930 and offered two service bays, one for car washing and one for lubrication. It featured three gas pumps and an enclosed office space within a V-shaped Renaissance Revival style commercial structure oriented to both Victory Drive and Drayton Street. A central enclosed space was flanked by open porticos or canopies to the north and south. The stucco over brick exterior featured triple arched openings for gas pumps with a stepped parapet adorned with terra cotta tile along the vehicular bay.

Atlantic Refining Company Service Station remained in the building for three decades, closing ca.1962. The building was purchased in 1963 and rehabilitated into professional offices in 1965. The service bay and vehicular canopy were enclosed to expand office space into these areas. The main entrance was relocated to the newly constructed west facade of the former vehicular canopy. In 1995, the building changed ownership. It appears that renovations were undertaken at this time to update the finishes and add Colonial Revival detailing throughout for the new Family Dentistry practice.

It was during this period, most likely, that the stepped parapet was removed to create a uniform building height and the Colonial Revival cornice applied to the exterior in addition to the portico and concrete handicap ramp at the main entrance. The renovation removed or covered up most of the unique architectural characteristics of the former Atlantic Refining Company service station.

The current owner purchased the property in 2015 and the design and construction of a new neighborhood eatery within the existing 1,800 square foot building was put into action. The recent rehabilitation will help revitalize the building and pay homage to the history of the building. The building is a non-contributing structure within the Mid-City District and seeks to utilize the 10% Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit.

There are exterior gathering spaces that center around the large outdoor fire pit and quaint outdoor dining patio is nestled in corner under a large live oak and custom lighting.

Once inside, the scale of the restaurant is obvious. The space is small, charming and exposed. The history is tastefully intertwined into the design. With about 40 seats, the main interior seating area occupies the former portico. The original large arched openings have been in-filled with steel windows. A new large sliding glass door opens out into the outdoor seating patio with approximately 15 seats. The windows help to enlarge the feel of the dining. The kitchen and support spaces adorn the opposite maintenance bay. Guests are offered views into the kitchen and wine cellar. The celebration of community, cuisine and spirts are on view for all guests to consume. The bar occupies the once enclosed office space within the V-shaped structure. Exposed brick, concrete floors, exposed rafters, along with vibrant Atlantic Refining Company colors reveal in the history and welcome new life. This neighborhood eatery is truly a celebration of family, community and the good life.