Isle of Hope Baptist

1 Completed by Brian Felder as design principal while a partner at Potincy, Deering, Felder, PC. The building program for this project included the need for a larger fellowship hall and more classrooms that are accessible from the ground floor.  The existing fellowship hall was a 2-story structure that included room for about 75 people and had 4 classrooms on the 2nd floor.  After studying ways to enlarge the fellowship hall and provide access to the 2nd floor spaces, it was deemed more economical to demolish the building and provide a new structure that was large enough to accommodate the required 200 people and accessible classrooms.  Also included in the fellowship hall plans are a new kitchen and larger, centralized toilet facilities. The exterior design of the addition was developed to harmonze with the existing classically inspired church building.  Red brick, columns and trim detailing similar to that currently used, were included in the design. A covered walkway links the new fellowship hall with the exisiting church building.