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Christina, a skilled Project Associate, has a particular passion for collaborating on private residence projects. She thrives when working with dedicated owners who are deeply invested in the project and share an emotional connection with it. By fostering trust and using an iterative design process, Christina can help bring the owners’ vision to life with ease. The result is a deeply personal and uniquely customized home design.

As a key team member at Felder & Associates, she brings a winning combination of enthusiasm, time management skills, a task-oriented personality, and a steadfast commitment to pleasing clients. With expertise in construction document preparation, permit drawings, and Project Manager support, she’s an essential contributor to our success.

Christina is from Cinnaminson, NJ, and earned her B.Arch. in Architecture from Virginia Tech. She then worked for two years as an intern at Jay Reinert Architect in Haddonfield, N.J., before coming to Felder & Associates.