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Historic Savannah Foundation announces Preservation Award winners

Levy Beach Cottage Renovation - Felder and Associates - Savannah, GA

The Historic Savannah Foundation on Friday held its annual Preservation Awards Luncheon at the Savannah Golf Club.

The annual event is held as part of the National Preservation Month campaign and honors individuals and organizations whose contributions demonstrate excellence in preservation in Savannah and Chatham County.

“Our organization is honored to present these businesses, individuals, and properties with preservation awards to commend their advancement of preservation in our community,” said Historic Savannah Foundation President and CEO Daniel Carey.

“These award-winners truly represent Historic Savannah Foundation’s mission of saving buildings, places, and stories that define Savannah’s past, present, and future.”

The mission of Historic Savannah Foundation is to preserve and protect Savannah’s heritage through advocacy, education and community involvement. For more information, visit or

Award winners:

Nichola Parker Coe Volunteer of the Year: Monica Gann

Lee and Emma Adler Award for Advocacy: Nick Palumbo


14-16 Price Street: Owner, Kim Malphrus; Architect: Jan de Voest; and Contractor, Albee Contracting

109 E. 35th Street: Owner: Patrick and Janice Shay; Architect: Patrick Shay, Gunn Meyerhoff Shay Architects; and Contractor, Scotty Snipes

1004 E. Park Avenue: Owner, Lonnie Coulter; and Contractor, Wells Anderson Construction

101 E. Oglethorpe Avenue: Owner, Ida and Sam George; Architect: Greg Tankersley and Ray Booth; and Contractor, Jimmy Smith, JTVS Builders, Inc.

660 E. Broughton Street, Kehoe Iron Works Rehabilitation: Owner, Charles H. Morris; Architect: Lominack Kolman Smith Architects; and Contractor, New South Construction

420 E. Broughton Street, East End Provisions Rehabilitation: Owner, Brian Husky, Gaslight Group LLC; Architect: Lominack Kolman Smith Architects; and Contractor, Martin Zittrouer Construction

12 W. Oglethorpe Avenue, Husk: Owner, Michael Wakely; Architect: Neil Dawson; and Contractor, Michael Wakely

1601 Bull Street: Owner, Matthew Allan and Wells Anderson; Architect: Patrick Phelps, AIA, Hansen Architects; and Contractor, Wells Anderson Construction

48th Street, Tybee Island, Levy Beach Cottage Renovation: Owner, Joan and Gary Levy; Architect: Brian K. Felder AIA, Felder & Associates; and Contractor, Tony Reardon, Tony Reardon Construction Co.

20 W. Taylor Street: Owner: Douglas G. Bain; Architect: Josh Ward, Ward Architecture + Preservation; and Contractor, Stewart Dohrman, Dohrman Construction and Preservation

317 W. 36th Street: Owner, Brad Baugh; Architect: Thomas D. Olson, Kern & Co. LLC; Engineer: John Kern, Kern & Co. LLC and Contractor, Sam Carroll, Carroll Construction

Skidaway Island’s Benedictine Monastery and Freedman School: Owner, Andy Dyer and Contractor Laura Seifert, Digging Savanah