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Southern Belle: Parts and Labor Designs the Grey Restaurant in Savannah, GA

It was 1929 when Greyhound Lines rolled into existence, making the racing dog the company logo and art moderne the style of the stations. One of them was built in 1938 in Savannah, Georgia, by architect George D. Brown. Now, thanks to a preservation-conversion effort undertaken by Parts and Labor Design, handling the interior, and Felder & Associates, for the streamlined facade, this landmark has become the Grey, where people come for dinner instead of buses. Parts and Labor principals Andrew Cohen and Jeremy Levitt divided the two-story, 5,500-square-foot space into four zones: the oak-paneled bar in front and main dining in back, plus a pair of private dining rooms—in one of which the women bus drivers previously took their showers. The brick walls and the terrazzo flooring, detailed in stainless steel, have been restored, and a tasteful furniture-scape mixes vintage and custom pieces. Outside, new versions of the blue and white Vitralite glass panels used in ’38 were installed.

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