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Cathryn Sinclair - Project Associate - Felder and Associates - Savannah, GA

Cathryn, a skilled Project Associate, is committed to creating buildings and spaces that appeal to the masses. Her passion for community development inspires her work on commercial buildings, schools, and visitor centers. Cathryn values the strong client relationships and partnerships she forges during projects, extending beyond just the clients to construction and engineering firms, as well as the cities where Felder & Associates operates.

Cathryn is developing expertise in modern, open office designs and other commercial interiors. She also excels in organizing and effectively communicating intricate details of 2D plans. Her priority is ensuring that the clients fully comprehend the plans presented to them. Furthermore, she goes above and beyond to create a design that is both visually appealing while operating seamlessly. Her focus on maintaining a balance between form and function guarantees a successful outcome.

After completing her internship at Felder & Associates, she joined the team full-time. She has recently graduated from the prestigious Savannah College of Art & Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in architecture.

Cathryn is a native of Boone, N.C. She has a cat named Fin and enjoys cooking, hiking, and kayaking.